Jennifer Halliburton, Founder/CEO

About Jennifer


Meet Jennifer Halliburton, the girl brave enough to believe that she could do great things despite difficult obstacles and a lifetime of being told by many people (in many ways) that her dreams and standards were unrealistic and that she was incapable of ever achieving real success on her own.

Few could truly see the rare and beautiful qualities that she has been gifted, and the amazing potential and passion inside her to achieve true greatness in this life.

Jennifer is a creative, nurturing, and compassionate woman whose passion is encouraging others to recognize their God-given potential and use it to the fullest. Before joining the partnership that founded PWR Enterprises, Jennifer was already on a new journey of self-discovery. She had spent 14 years as a full-time stay-at-home mom, which included homeschooling her children during that time as well.

In 2018, she found herself needing to re-enter the workforce, yet had no idea what she really desired to dedicate her life pursuing. She is blessed with many talents (such as writing, drawing, web-design, photography, make-up application skills, interior design, teaching, care-giving, and a natural zeal for learning), but she was unsure how to pull those skills together into an actual career.

Finding the right career path was further complicated by significant health issues she must manage daily. In March 2015, Jennifer nearly died from a massive pulmonary embolism, filling both of her lungs with blood clots. She completely stopped breathing and went for an unknown amount of time with no oxygen at all, leading to a rare complication called Hypoxic Brain Injury.

Bringing awareness to the seriousness of both pulmonary embolism and hypoxic brain injury has become an important mission for her now. Prior to experiencing it firsthand, she had very little knowledge of either of these issues. Yet these things drastically changed her life in an instant, with no prior warning or symptoms.

The brain injury added obstacles to her life, but it also gave her opportunity to see how strong she really was. This also brought a whole new appreciation for the brevity of life. She could have easily died that day, but she didn't. Deep down, she believes this has all been part of the process designed to fully prepare her to embrace God's purpose for her life. God gifted her with a heart that truly cares about others, and her deepest desire is to use her time on earth to be a positive light in this world that reflects some of God's most beautiful features... love, compassion, and mercy.

At this time, Jennifer lives in Tullahoma, TN with her four children: Jared, Alex, Carter, and Charleigh. She is also well-protected and adored by a tiny 5 lb toy poodle named Fred, who doesn't like anyone getting too close to his girl. Patches, the family’s newest member, is a quickly growing mixed breed puppy that has certainly brought a lot of new energy to their home now too.

Jennifer is excited about her role with PWR Enterprises, because it is the opportunity she dreamed about to really impact the lives of others and the community, for the better.

Starting a company that’s whole focus is about making other people’s lives better, happier, and contributes to the world in such a positive way is more than a dream come true. This is her purpose and mission being lived out, and it’s an honor for her to be able to offer this gift to the world.

Jennifer's life story is a powerful representation of what is possible with a positive mindset and a solid foundation of faith. Those two things can bring beauty and strength from any situation. That’s the legacy Jennifer hopes will inspire others to never settle for ordinary, when extraordinary was what they were made to be.

"Look for the good in this world! If you can't find the good, then BE the good."