About Us

What is the Power of 10?

PWR Enterprises is a Social Enterprise that uses a 10% model that funds, creates, builds, and gives back to our clients, local communities, and the world in general.

What makes our company different is that our mission is much bigger than what we alone can create. We realized that when working alone, one person may gain great wealth, and can contribute some of that wealth to helping others. However, it will never have the full reach that we envision for our company and clients.

By taking a 10% earnings back on the profits made from each company or brand that we help successfully build, it maintains a cash-flow system that allows us to use that money to build more brands, businesses, and success.  All of these continue to feed back their 10% into the larger bucket, and this is the power of working together, as a many, to bring education and success to as many people as possible.  The reach is truly limitless.

Another huge component to our company is that, PWR Enterprises will take 10% off the top of the total profit earned each month, and use that to give back to the community, charities, sponsor fundraising events, and so much more.  We are using that 10% portion of all earnings to change the lives of as many people as possible.

That is is our focus, purpose, and mission of our company, and that’s what we believe does make it such a valuable resource to today’s workforce and society.  We help people reach their full potential, and provide free and low cost education to prepare them for the success that is guaranteed when using our proven systems and programs.

Our dream is making your dreams become reality!

From PWR Enterprises Founders
Jennifer Halliburton and Joey Brassfield
aka Jenn and Joey 

Giving Back

You can learn more about the ways that we give back by checking out the link below.  If you have any mission-based ideas that you would like to be considered, please contact us with that information.  It will need to be approved by our planning and advisory board, so it may take a while before we can act on the event, so please get the information to us in as much advance notice as possible so that we can coordinate a plan if your charity/mission is chosen.

Our Subsidiary Companies